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What if it takes seeing you with wrinkles, acne, flat breasts or a muffin top for you to notice your kids, your spouse, your friends, or your clients?  What if loving yourself is the only way to truly love others and loving others is the only way to truly love you? 
Greguy Mina, Founder and Executive Director, Minage Image, J’aime Femmes, and Ladies Lunch International

Hi, I am Greguy Mina (aka Mina G.). I am a fashion-inspired portrait photographer and an emotional intelligence mastery for personal development that specializes in serving everyday women. 

Imagine spending an entire day with a team that serves you and nurtures you. A team composed of creative souls and coach mandated to pamper and honor you. A day filled with care, music, and laughter. A celebrity style photo shoots personalized to bringing forward your personality.

As women, we tend to care for everyone else, except for ourselves. Trust, I know! I’m conditioned to neglect myself. 

Oftentimes, we work as mothers, caregivers, grandmothers, career-driven – ambitious and professionally satisfied and overwhelmed woman. We search for a harmonious balance between life on the home-front and career aspirations. Above all, we shift our focus away from oneself long enough to lend a helping hand. Yet, self-care is a basic need. Let’s face it – unless you take care of yourself, you won’t be able to care of your loved ones.

We have the responsibility to feel good and treat ourselves with love. Similarly, we owe it to our daughters and sons. 

It’s hard to transform notions that we are so inclined to believe about ourselves. In such, I stop time for people because what seems to be a very simple portrait session may be an experience that helps you transition to the arousal of a perspective transformation experience that uncovers the essence within and helps you accept who you are now and build confidence.

So with gratitude and appreciation, I thank God for preserving you the way that He has. You are indeed God’s masterpiece.

I invite you to uncover the essence that lies within.

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