minage image portrait ottawa, ottawa photographer, ottawa portrait photography, personal branding headshot photography ottawaHey there, I’m Greguy Mina.

Personal development, portrait photographer, emotional intelligence mindset & faith-based mentor & educator.

When you know who you really are, you can break out of the recurring pattern in your life. When you make better decisions, you make a powerful impression to embrace your beautiful life mission(s).

When you truly master your mindset and emotions, you gain clarity.

When you accept yourself, you are more capable of bridging the confidence gap between generations.

As a survivor of corporate bullying and psychosomatic stress, I know what it’s like to live a life in a dark place. I know what it feels like to think you have no choice to walk a certain path while living separately from your purpose; losing sight of who you truly are. I know what it takes to get out of that dark place – to break free of the glass ceiling I allowed life’s circumstances to place upon me. 

What if it takes seeing you with wrinkles, acne, flat breasts or a muffin top for you to notice your kids, your spouse, your friends, your neighbors, and your clients?   What if loving yourself is the only way to truly love others and loving others is the only way to truly love you?

Leveraging my education in neuroscience psychology and 15 years of corporate training and professional and personal development, I’ve designed a Premium Program to help you uncover the essence that lies within – and in that process make peace with the person looking at you in the mirror, transform you into your desired self, and build young women and men surrounding you with a stronger sense of self-worth, acceptance, and confidence.

Truth be told, I stop time for people.

You deserve a life you really love. Change won’t come unless you commit to doing the work and embrace the life you really want by faith; even if you don’t know what it should look like. 

— Greguy Mina, Founder and Executive Director, Minage Image and The Lion-Hearted Tribe (previously known as Ladies Lunch) 

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