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Upgrade your Faith


21-Day Devotion, Real Talk & Prayer Room 

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Hello Beautiful Warriors,

I love this statement:

Every life shift begins with a mind-shift.

Can we talk honestly? I find that women, especially women of faith, struggle in areas that they should have conquered. Areas that keep them postponing happiness and inner peace, away from their true calling, and block from their blessings. Am I talking to someone? 

We, as Godly warriors, tend to play in the safe zone. We hold back, live beneath our potential, and mostly procrastinate on our action to move forward. 

God has given us all the tools to succeed. Know it’s time to elevate your thinking and maximize your potential in every single area of your life.

Yes, Sis!

It’s time to be her; The Mighty Women of God whom you have been called for.

To do so, we need to change our self-talk, our self-view and align with God’s faith. Our mind is our most powerful asset. Propel your business with God as the leader so you can step in your calling to serve more, have more income and more influence.

Topics covered:

  • Clarity:
    • Winning the war in your mind
    • Unleash the Mastermind inside you!
    • Inner peace 
  • Courage:
    • Embracing and accepting our real identity.
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • Change your thinking, master your emotions and change your life. 
  • Limited Stories
    • Money! Money! Money What is the story that prevails your mind and diminishes God’s truth?
    • Experience more personal + entrepreneurial prosperity
  • Family and relationship
    • Slay the giant and build lasting relationships
  • Confidence
    • Visibility
    • Trust God’s process for you
    • Business, faith and prosperity, etc…

It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom, career women or an entrepreneur. This is about alignment.

You don’t have to hold the reign of your life + business alone. Let’s uncover the essence God has placed within you to live a bolder and more purposeful life.

The prayer room will re-open soon… Sign up to our waiting list here: contact.

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