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I have discovered teaming up with an accountability partner is a perfect way to successfully complete the Unstuck Challenge and reap the benefits of what you sow.

It’s scientifically proven that accountability systems lead to much greater success rates because an accountability partner will push you, encourage you and help you as you both complete the challenge together🌷.

Now, you are probably thinking – “I don’t know these girls. I’m not comfortable talking to strangers about my business…”

Great observation! So let me reassure you and tell you exactly what an accountability partner does.

When you post your daily prompt you will use the challenge hashtag #cycle1_unstuckfinance and you will tag your accountability partner. Add a note at the end of your post cheering on your partner to post their prompt too. Give a quick comment or feedback to support your partner when they post. 

That’s it! This system will keep you both accountable to one another and get you on the road to fulfill your dream. Plus, you will feel less isolated.

Safe and easy, right? 


Find an accountability partner already in this group. 

  • Post below where you’re from and what you do
  • Scroll through the other comments and see if you can find a good match
  • Once you find a match, reply to their comment and invite them to be your partner
  • Once you pair up post “WE’RE READY” under the comment and tag your buddy so other people know who is taken and who is still available. You can always pair up in threes or quads if you want…

Go find yourself an accountability partner and let’s get the part-eee started!

Love + Appreciation,

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  1. Sab - 2018-04-21 Reply

    Great job!

    • Mina - 2018-04-21 Reply

      Thank you 🙂

  2. Sab - 2018-04-21 Reply

    Great job!

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