Still, haven’t done ANY goal setting for 2018? Or yet, still have not ACT upon those set in  January? 

Bellas, I got your back!

Here is how I set up goals – at any given time during the year by the way – in 5 minutes. Yes, you read that right!!!


Take a 5-minute break, a pen, and a piece of paper, and follow my method. Note: a journal would be much better. However, if it takes you 5 minutes to search for it a piece of paper will do just fine 😉 


Step 1. 3 goals – 6 categories

I have 6 categories – I called them pillars. I write down 3 goals per pillar.

  • Faith
  • Relationship
  • Finance
  • Personal Growth and Wellbeing 
  • Business and Career
  • Health

For instance, one of my personal growth and wellbeing includes my natural hair journey.


Step 2. Ask yourself: What do I really want?

What do I really, really, really want? I don’t need to know what you are interested in doing then, you probably won’t take action to make it happen.

For instance, I was committed to paying off that credit card debt and not just interested in it. Same thing with my business. I was committed to growing my side business because my ultimate goal is not to merely carry a business card, but to activate my God-given calling and impact as many lives as possible.

So with that in mind, I created a whole new schedule and routine on top of my corporate job and my family life. I was focused and committed to that process so I made a decision.

Step 3. Daily action

Now, write at the bottom of your page: What needs to be true today to make the above true tomorrow?

This is your daily behavioral trigger. Answer the question with 3 daily actions. Write them down on your piece of paper.


Step 4. Copie. Copie. Copie.

Make 3 copies of the goals. Then put them where you’ll see them EVERY DAY.

  • 1 copy next to your bathroom mirror,
  • 1 copy next to your desk at your office or in your gym locker, and
  • 1 copy on your fridge or on your device screensaver.


Step 5. 90 days commitment system

I like to work out of a 90 days goal setting which applies in my financial life as well as my personal or business life. I set measurable and specific goals for a period of 90 days. With time, I’ve learned that under 90 days it is not efficient to see results and beyond I lose interest. So put a reminder on your phone calendar every 90 days to evaluate your list, and modify your behavior (e.g. July 18, Oct 18, Jan 18).

It’s not too late. Make the remaining days of 2018 the best one yet! Go. Do. The. Work. Chat me up. Start today and Thank you for giving me a place to serve.

Welcome to Cycle 1, friends!

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