There are two types of people…

a. Those who sit and watch their dreams and purpose pass them by, and

b. Those who go forth and bring their vision to life.


Tell me which one are you?

Now that you have set your 3 goals you have to make a decision. Whether it’s to get out of debt or invest in real estate or break your money block the question remains: is this what you really want?

Because if you are kind of waffling in doing the challenges then, I can guarantee you probably won’t take any actions to make your dream happen. 

I need you to think about the question carefully.

When you are ready to build a life that you want, write in the comment on FB which person you are

– person (a) or

– person (b)

Ps: Regardless of your answer, I’ll love you so much more because you chose to remain honest with yourself.

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