Many of us are still caught up in some form of rescue mission within a fairytale similar to Rapunzel story; waiting for someone to set them free. What you want doesn’t start by creating a budget. It starts with your money story.


Money Story

My parents were intelligent folks with university degrees. Both were rising steadily in their careers, taking on more responsibility. They enjoyed a good salary and benefits. My childhood was comfortable. 

Dad believed he could spend his way into the life he wanted, bought things without hesitation, and spoiled mom and kids. Whereas Mom enjoyed being showered with gifts, invited to galas or receiving guests over to dinner. Dad was a man who tended to all of her dreams – her fairytale story. 

Nevertheless, my father passed away. My mom’s world crumbled. With a minimum of saving, money became the source of much stress and anxiety in her life. I would find her silently crying at the side of the bed unable to sleep. The more she was sad, anxious or upset, the more she spent.

Eventually, we regrouped and created a family emergency fund as a safety net. I was Princess Charming, the rescuer. 

My money story had told me that saving was the key to a healthy and stress-free life. Ultimately, it meant working harder, spending less time at home, paying bills, supporting loved ones and refraining from enjoying your hard labor. I had built a safety net at the cost of an unbalanced trade. 

So what went wrong?

I had money but didn’t value nor enjoy it. I had been following the personal narrative I had written growing up, I hadn’t updated the narrative for adulthood. 

Ok, I’ve just shared with you a sample of my money story. Now let’s get to yours.


Today’s challenge is to explore your personal narrative and identity around money that is driving you.

Start by telling me in one sentence your money story. Post it in the comment on Day 6 thread.

Note: Summarizing your story into a one-liner makes you think carefully about the major arc/theme of your story. I recommend you jot down your personal narrative in your journal (as I did in this post) then, streamline to find the common theme. Then, post your one sentence on FB.

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