Do you remember Cinderella’s story? 

The girl who became orphan and lived with her step-family. She was mistreated. She imaginary friends – in the name of small animals. She had no education. She had nowhere to go. She had no money, no escape.She was stuck in a life she did not choose. She was an unpaid worker. She was unloved. She was unappreciated. She was undervalued. Her life looked gloom. The only she had are her dreams, her innocence, and a broom. 

What happened next?

Her narrative changed. She rewrote her story. Yes, it needed a little push from her imaginary support group, she walked by faith. She took the right action. She did the work. The end is history. 

Isn’t it time for you too to take your story in another direction?

Doing the work is not easy. Facing yourself is not easy! Bringing the skeleton out is not easy. Stirring the pot is hard.

Trust, I have been guilty of dropping out and giving up. So don’t you worry, Bella, you’re not alone!

These are very common thoughts. Why? Because you’ve likely never been taught how to bring your preconceived notions to the forefront. We can conquer them. We can overcome them. Best of all, we can succeed and have the life we truly wish instead of the behaviors they cause that hold us back financially.

How about we flip the script and reprogram your story! 😉 


Today is a 5-part exercise.

Let’s start by revisiting your money story Day 6 challenge. 

1. Identify what belief is blocking your current money story. It’s your one-liner

For example, I identified my old money story as “I’ll never have enough”

Perhaps in your case, it’s: 

  • I’ll always struggle, 
  • I don’t deserve to have money, 
  • Most of my friends who have money have lots of other issues with health or relationships. If I solve my money problem, I’ll end up with these other issues,
  • I shouldn’t spend money on myself; it’s selfish or extravagant,
  • It’s not spiritual care about money,
  • Who do I think I am to think I can charge for what I do,
  • I need to keep saving just in case or,
  • I need a savior, a hero, a sugar daddy – and even winning the lottery – becomes a sort of savior,
  • etc…

 The stories you tell yourself about money will keep you stuck. Whatever you identified as a limited belief based on your old money story on day 6 is what you will work with today.

2. Rewrite your story 

Set yourself a 10-minute timer and write out in your journal your new money story based on the question: what would the opposite belief be? Do not edit. Do not think. Just write!

3. How does your new money story make you feel? 

There are two key elements here: changing your thought patterns to detach yourself from the negative thought patterns and (2) accessing the emotions behind your new money story.

4. Believe and take actions that support your money story.

When money comes your way you need to think about how the ‘new’ story of you would handle it.

5. Post your new  one-liner story in the FB Group:

For instance, if you are struggling to get out of debt, you can now look at debt as an important lesson learned about money.  You can see yourself, not as someone with debt, but someone who is successfully paying it off.


Remember your old story is just a story that you have the power to change it

Happy writing!

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