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Uncover Your Essence

Experts come to me when they’re struggling to become visible and stand out even if they are not from the mainstream.

You’re either still trying to be seen as an expert and you’ve been building your brand for years, but you don’t know how to package and launch your signature offer

Here how I can help:
I teach experts how to uncover who they are and what differentiates them in their field so they can position themselves as a go-to authority figure in the online market so they can create and launch theur premium offer.

  • Mindset Breakthrough and next level strategy
  • design your signature offer
  • Grow your business
  • Launch your signature offer


    Propel your life or business to the next level. Create deeper transformation and meaning, serve more clients, and get off autopilot without sacrificing the very thing that brought you here – family, money and freedom. 

    Our program focuses on your inner and outer image makeover without years of worrying about what anyone thinks. We will elevate you to start walking head high on the path you are meant to walk upon, aligned with what is most important to you.

    Ready to learn more…

    BRANDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Have you been thinking of levelling your visual content online to grow your business but you are not sure where to start?  Let me be your guide! I’ll show you the right steps and will hold your hand through the entire photography process. Check out the website and book a call here: Contact us!

    COACHING. Wanna kill the nagging voice that stops you from becoming the future you and prevents you from rising up? Team Minage Image Portrait and Personal Development are accepting applications now to work with us in a small group or 1:1. Check out the details and book a call here: Contact us!

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