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Hi, I’m Greguy Mina.

I help female professionals and entrepreneurs uncover their true essence. While you are unique, there are thousands, if not millions of women dealing with the same issues you face. I don’t know for you but I tend to fill my plate, taking on responsibilities for everyone else’s and put myself at the bottom of the priority list. This often left me drowning, unable to make moves to better myself, and feeling stuck or lost. 

Sound familiar? You’ve probably felt a burden accompanying every tug of a dream. 


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I stop time for people.

The yearning to hear people’s story and to show them who they are became a mission. A mission to help women and young women unleash their true potential, find their identity, build confidence, and smack down the multiple barriers to protect the self from reaching their full potential to succeed. I help you reconnect with that person – the one who looks back at you in your portraits. Your portrait experience is a fragment of your story. When you start appreciating how unique you are, you begin to live in the special space you inherited; in your purpose. 
The portrait experience reminds you that you deserve the love that you keep giving to everyone else. As women, we have a responsibility to feel good about ourselves. It’s an obligation to ourselves and to the young women and young men that we have any influence on. My hope is that more women get unstuck and change the way they talk, view, and feel about themselves to positively bridge the self-worth and self-acceptance gap. I want women to be proud of the skin they are in, build a more powerful legacy, and soar to greater heights. You have the power to change your storyline, to blossom and become the best person you ought to be. 
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I invite you to book a portrait session with me today!



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