Hey! I'm Mina G.

A business owner, speaker, portrait photographer,

educator, and an empathetic listener dedicated to helping you

take one step closer to be the best version of yourself. 

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A born-and-raised Montrealer, who moved to Ottawa, with nothing more than a dream, a voice, and a drive. I'm delighted in witnessing the power of transformation and connection that resulted from interactions with more than thousands of people.

Through our Signature blend business Minage Image, portrait photography, professional and personal development training program, coaching, public speaking in both English and French and an audience throughout Canada, I help people like you propel into their destiny as they work through their blocks, self-worth, leadership, and identity, and back it up with high-quality images, actions, and results, so that they step in closer to becoming a better version of themselves.

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For as long as I can remember, I have been observing humans interact with one another. Over time, this fascination became a yearning to understand each person's story, how it interweaves with one another and affect the inner self. Through discovering clients essence to get unstuck, I created programs to build momentum towards clients' goals to achieve personal and professional fulfillment (e.g. pampering portrait session as well as break down fear of success, self-sabotage, and low self-esteem). 

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At Minage Image, we stop time for people and help bring the soft skills of performance to their crafts.

That includes witnessing A-ha moments during sessions while clients unfold themselves in front of me with, and without a camera, as they tap into their unique set of gifts, their essence, and their heart.

You have the power to change your storyline, to blossom and become the best person you can be. 

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“When I think about my experience with Minage Image Portrait, I can’t think of any fears I had. I knew I was dealing with a conscientious person, who valued the important moment I was living and was more than capable of capturing my joy picture by picture, second by second. My husband was a bit more tensed, and Mina G helped in easing his stress. We just had a lovely time. If I were to recommend Minage Image Portrait to my close friend, I would say go with her services because the beauty of the moment is best captured by someone who not only has an eye and a passion for her art, but also someone who sees her camera lens as a time capsule. That about encompasses what I felt!”

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